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Puppy Litters

Autrey Kennels offers the ideal start to a top qualified field dog as consideration when breeding their studs. A list of current and pending Autrey stud servicing and breed interests includes:

HRCH UH Backwoods Gambler MH X HRCH UH Kenna Dare To Dream Nichols MH

An all-black litter of both males & females born on March18, 2020. The puppies will be up to date on all shots, be well socialized, introduced to birds, gun fire & water. Puppies will have had their worming & will have had dew claws removed. Puppies will come with a 26-month hip & eye guarantee.

For more information contact Bobby Nichols of Lufkin, TX at cell phone 936-465-3941 or e-mail him at bne300@consolidated.net or contact Bill Autrey at 318-613-9742 (text only) or e-mail him at autreykennels@aol.com

Pedigrees:  Click for Duece  |  Click for Kenna

Backwoods Gambler better known as Duece is a 75# black male that runs hard on both marks & blinds. He is an excellent marking dogs that has 1 Grand pass & 2 Master National passes and is in training now for both the Master National & the Fall Grand.

Call name: Duece
  • Male
  • Black but chocolate factored
  • Born 2/2/2015
  • Owner: Bill Autrey
  • Breeder: Bron and Susan Hayes
  • Hips OFA LR226071G25M-PI Good
  • Eye OFA LR-EYE16236/36M-PI Clear
  • EIC Univ of MN D15-029697-1 Clear
  • CNM VetGen 22892 Clear
  • PRA Normal/Clear

  • Kenna is a 60# yellow female who who is also an excellent marking dog that runs hard on all phases of training or while testing. Kenna has 1 Master National pass to her credit. Kenna will come back into training after getting over the puppies. She will be preparing for both the Fall Grand & the Master National. She has 4 passes towards her2020 qualifying now.
  • Yellow female
  • Born: 2/4/2016
  • Owner: Bobby Nichols
  • Hips OFA LR-237952E35F-VPI Excellent
  • Elbows OFA LR-EL87645F35-VPI Normal
  • Eyes CERFED LR-EYE 443477-VPI Clear
  • EIC Univ of MN D15-028668-1 Clear
  • CNM VetGen 23411 Clear

  • Duece brings an excellent pedigree to this breeding with his sire being NAFC FC AFC Grady, backed up by FC AFC Code Blue, NAFC FC AFC Lean MAC, FC AFC Candlewoods Ms Kate, NAFC FC AFC Trumarks Zip code, Super Powder & just on & on.

    On the bottom side of Duece is GRHRCH Millie MH, a 3rd generation Grand out of 13X GRHRCH UH Cody MH HOF who was out of 5X GRHRCH Missy HOF & FC AFC Super Bounce Andre, backed up by NFC NAFC FC AFC Super Tanker. Also, in Millies pedigree is FC AFC Blackwater Rudy, backed up by FC AFC Blackwater Bart & FC AFC Webshires Honest Abe.

    Kenna also has an excellent pedigree, her sire being FC Moodys Nitz, backed up by FC AFC Dominators Duke Of turrell , FC AFC Bayou Sue MH.
    On her bottom side is HR Jesse James Kissin Cousin, out of FC AFC Dare To Dream (Cosmo), backed up by FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go & FC AFC Fishtrap Aggie just To name a few.

    Contact Bobby Nichols at cell: 936-465-3941 or e-mail him at bne300@consolidated.net Or contact Bill Autrey at 318-613-9742 (text only) or e-mail him at autreykennels@aol.com. Visit the website at WWW.autreykennels.com



    HRCH UH Chinquapin River Beaux MH X HRCH Elle Belle SH

    A yellow & black litter born on March 2nd, 2020. Pups will be well socialized, up to date on vaccinations and worming, will have had their dew claws removed and come with a 26-month hip & eye guarantee. They will be introduced to birds & to water.

    For more information, contact Sheila Bowman at 318-422-9704 (cell) or e-mail at sheg47@gmail.com. Or contact Bill Autrey of Autrey Kennels at 318-613-9742 (text only) or email him at autreykennels@aol.com.

    Attached is the pedigree of the pups:

    Beaux is an 80 # black male who runs marks & blinds as a champion should run. He is an excellent marking dog & has 1 Master National pass & is presently training for the upcoming Grand & Master National.

    Call name: Beaux
    • Male
    • Black but yellow factored
    • Born 2/2/2015
    • Owners Jim & Sheila Bowman
    • Breeder Bron & Susan Hayes
    • OFA Hips
    • LR226070G25M-VPI
    • (Good)
    • OFA Elbows
    • LR-EL77384M-VPI
    • Normal
    • CNM 128506 (Clear)
    • EIC D-17-010904-1 (Clear)
    • Eyes CERFED OFA
    • LR-EYE16240/36M-PI
    • UKC reg R252-160
    • AKC reg SR86672618
    • PRA: Normal / Clear

    Elle a 65# yellow comes from a line of British labs and has the shorter body, large head, shorter & thicker tail than most field labs. But besides looks, Elle has a lot of drive as is shown by her HRCH & SH titles. We feel the crossing of the field lab to those of the British looking lab will produce good looking, hard driving but controllable type puppies

    Call name: Elle
    • Yellow female
    • Welped: 12/03/2012
    • Owner : Jim & Sheila Bowman
    • Hips OFA LR-214903G29F-VPI Good
    • Elbows OFA LR-EL68039F29-VPI Normal
    • EIC D15-029699-1 Carrier
    • CNM 22887 Clear
    • Eyes CERFED LR-EYE3570/16F-VPI Clear

    Beaux brings an outstanding pedigree to this breeding, the top side is his Sire NAFC FC AFC Grady, backed up by FC AFC Code Blue, FC AFC Candlewoods Ms Kate is in there as is NAFC FC AFC Lean Mac, and many others. The bottom of Beaux’s pedigree starts with 3X GRHRCH Cajun Dakota’s Millie Girl MH. Millie is a 3rd generation Grand out of 13X GRHRCH UH Missy’s Cajun Dakota MH HOF, who is out of 5X GRHRCH Missy Hollowdale Autrey HOF. Also on the bottom is FC AFC Blackwater Rudy, FC AFC Honest Abe, FC AFC Topwater Mindy, FC AFC Blackwater Bart just to name a few.

    Contact Sheila Bowman at 318-422-9704 or e-mail at: sheg47@gmail.com or contact Bill Autrey at 318-613-9742 (text only) or e-mail at: autreykennels@aol.com for pricing or availability.

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